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Shanghai Gongfu Tour

the dates & planning are still tentative at this point, but what we are looking at is:

* will be held near the end of the year [exact dates subject to demand & availabilty]
* duration of 9 or 10 days
* study tour will be all inclusive [ex-Pudong, Shanghai airport - students will arrange their own transport to Shanghai, China; also students arrange their own visas]
* we arrange accommodation, food, classes with top Gongfu Masters, visits to interesting sites in Shanghai, translators for Gongfu classes etc.
* the focus for the next tour will be primarily on the internal Chinese martial arts
* students will be able to choose what gongfu styles they would like to study
* get to practise your push-hands with the Masters in Shanghai, China.
* additional optional classes will also be available; eg Chinese language, qigong, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, tuina
* small group classes
* translators will be provided

We will keep you updated as the details become more definitive.

If you are interested, we recommend that you register your interest as early as possible to avoid disappointment if the tours get booked out.
Email to .

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